Training Services

Proper Training for Dogs is a must in their development both as Puppies and Adults.  It is never to late to train any Dog at any age.  Dogs live in the moment.  They respond to calm assertive leadership right away, and are always looking to follow our commands and make us proud as owners.   

If we as Dog owners do not show proper leadership to a Dog, they will assume the role of Pack Leader, thus creating most of the problems we face as Dog owners.  Call the Dog Tamer todayand learn how to become the Pack Leader in your home at YOUR convenience. 

Training Services range from all behavioral modifications such as Taming aggressive behavior towards other Dogs or people, excessive barking, chewing and Jumping on you or your family or friends.  All types of unwanted behavior will be Tamed by The Dog Tamer.  Learning how to walk your Dog properly and not have them "walk" you.  Learn to be in total control of your Dog, and have them become a calm and well balanced pet.  Learn about Nutrition and how to feed your dog properly.  Obtain the knowlege to properly crate your puppy or Dog. And most importantly, learn how  to communicate with your Dog.   All types of Training Techniques are available, from Basic to Advanced.

The Dog Tamer has a unique and incredible bond with the Canine species that has to be seen to believe.  The Dog Tamer is truly passionate about his work and has an unparallel understanding of Canine behavior that sets him apart from the average Dog Trainer.  The Dog Tamer gets RESULTS where other Trainers fail.  Let The Dog Tamer show YOU  how!


The Dog Tamer  ** now offering Dog Walking and Pet Sitting/Boarding** call today 201-805-7244  For a complete, balanced Dog.