Here are words of praise from clients to The Dog Tamer:
Tom is a great Dog trainer!   He helped us with our naughty, three month old GoldenDoodle Cookie.  We were so frustrated about all of her unwanted behavior. She was always peeing in her crate. Now she is maturing into a well behaved, calm companion thanks to his training. We are very happy with all the things Tom taught our puppy.  He is very knowlegable about Dogs and their behavior. We would highly recommend him to anyone.  Thanks Dog Tamer!"                    
-Steve and Robin Jenkins, Morristown, NJ
Thanks for the outstanding Training, Tom.  We wanted to start our four Month old Rottweiler Puppy, Tillman on the right track. He was always Nipping and Jumping on everyone.  Tom showed us how to be The Pack Leaders in our home and now Tillman is really behaving well, and we can't thank Tom enough for giving us the knowledge to bring up our Puppy correctly."  
-Craig and Tara De Pascuale, Butler, NJ 
"I called Tom a little while after our FIRST session in tears of Joy.   My Dog Louie was totally driving me insane, destroying everything in my house, attacking my Cats, and not listening to me at all.  I was really considering giving him away, but loved him so much so I reached out to Tom as my last hope.  I had a few other Trainers and none of them helped a bit. I was a prisoner of his rule in my house.  After only ONE session, he was so much calmer, and was listening to me.  I could not believe it!  I thought he was the worst behaved Dog.  We are on our fourth session now and this is an amazing turnaround for Louie.  He is behaving extremely well and now I can walk him without him trying to attack everything that moves.  And now he respects me and our bond is stronger than ever!!  Thanks Tom!!!"
-Linda Tattoli, North Arlington, NJ
"We rescued our Basset Hound Ralph of a two years old and fell in love with him right away.  He was abused by his previous owner and had alot of behavioral problems.  After a long and frustraing season, we were ready to give him back to the Shelter.  But we didn't want him to get put down, so we decided to give The Dog Tamer a call as a last resort.  Boy are we glad we did.  Ralph responded right away to his training, and it took alot of consistent work by us, but Tom was so patient and calm assertive and his positive energy was so soothing to Ralph.  He has greatly improved his behavior.  We are so happy we called Tom.  We find our selves feeling much better about our own state of mind, and now we are truly enjoying having Ralph as a part of our loving family.  It is amazing what we learned and Ralph is now a well behaved, great Dog.  My Family now can visit us without us having to put Ralph in his crate, and he dosent bark all the time or jump on everyone anymore.   We can't put words into how much we appreciate The Dog Tamer, and it was well worth the cost of training, Trust us!!
-Michelle and Scott Kane, Bloomingdale, NJ
"The Dog Tamer has such an unbelievable connection with Dogs, that you have to see it first hand to believe it.  I have three Shihtzu's and they were driving me crazy.  They were barking all time time, were very aggressive towards people and other Dogs, and I could not walk them at all.  The first time Tom came into my house it was like they saw the light, they were immediately responsive to his calm, yet confident and assertive nature.  They now are living as one happy family with me and I can now walk them and get them excersise and myself too!!  It is amazing what The Dog Tamer can teach you, and it is shocking how many mistakes I was making to contribute to the bad behavior of my Shihtzu's.
Thanks Tom!!"
-Mary Lou Brown, Bloomingdale, NJ
"We just started Training our Boston Terrier Daisy of one year old with The Dog Tamer and are amazed by the success.  We are on our third session, and she is a new Dog.  She was very aggressive towards other Dogs and people.  She would destroy everything in the house and would not go into her crate.  She is progressing extremely well and now is behaving so much better!  We thought she would never get better.  We are so pleased!!!  Our greatest of thanks to Tom The Dog Tamer, he is unbelievable!!
-Erika and Armando Ruiz,   Victory Gardens, NJ
"My German Sheppard Teddy of three years old was an extremely high strung, energetic Dog who I could not control until I called The Dog Tamer.  I had hired five other trainers and was told my Dog could not be trained.  Tom was extremely patient and Teddy listened to him and responded to his techniques very well.  I understand now to stimulate his natural instinct, and Tom has taught me how to control Teddy and he is behaving so much better for me.  Thanks, Tom!!"
-Sal Cordo, Lyndhurst, NJ
"There are Dog Trainers out there, but there is only one Dog Tamer. Tom is unreal!  My eight month old Chihuahua Wookie was a misbehaving terror.  Pooping and peeing all over the place as well as nipping and growling all the time.  He bit my daughter many times and my husband wanted to get rid of him.  Tom turned it all around in two months of training when I was losing all hope.  Now Wookie is a well behaved, happy Dog that my whole family loves."
-Daisy Vargas, Bloomingdale, NJ
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